The Blue and White Internship is Back

Dozens of CEOs from leading companies in Israel will host 40 students
as their business mentors during the Birthright Israel Excel Internship Program

photo by Avishay Finkelstein
photo by Avishay Finkelstein

Last night the newest cohort of the Birthright Israel Excel Business Leadership Program was launched at Microsoft Raanana as the hosting companies’ CEOs welcomed 40 interning students from top universities in the U.S. and Canada. The CEOs will serve as advisors and business mentors during the two month internship program.

The students, chosen out of the thousands of applicants, will be staying in Israel for two months, during which they will meet Israeli leaders in various industries, visit important locations across the country and take part in professional workshops. The students will also receive personal business mentoring and participate in a professional internship providing them with an understanding of the Israeli business world.

The internship continues after their return home with each student linked to a local mentor, usually a senior businessman and philanthropist, active in the Jewish community and Israel. The mentors advise participants about their professional futures, the importance of social and philanthropic responsibilities and connect them to their Jewish identity and to the business and social sides of the State of Israel.

The Birthright Israel Excel internship is currently in its fourth year.