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One-Page Social Media Strategy

Overwhelmed by the task of developing a social media strategy for your non-profit organization? Don’t know whether you ought to “friend” or “like” or tweet” to get the best mileage for your message in the social networks? Jumpstart the planning process with this smart one-page Social Media Strategy Worksheet.

Online Marketing Guide for Nonprofits

Online marketing is no longer optional for nonprofit organizations. Even the smallest and most local nonprofit must reach out to the public through an online presence.

Email Dominates on Mobile

Does your nonprofit know how many of its supporters read action alerts and fundraising appeals on their smartphone? It’s probably a lot more then you think.

Ten Must-Know Email Marketing Metrics

Every facet of internet marketing has its own vocabulary, and for beginners it can be difficult to effectively communicate your wants needs without a proper understanding of the terminology. Terms like “Open Rate”, “Click Rate”, “Conversion Rate” and “Cost-per-Click” can be a little intimidating for people when they are just getting started.

And Action – 11 Steps to Effective Video for Your Organization

Online video is one of the best ways to tell your nonprofit’s story. When done right, it can forge powerful connections between your organization and your supporters, but only when it stands out from the competition in three minutes or less.

Five Reasons Why WordPress Is Ideal For Small Nonprofits

It seems that getting serious about a site redesign always brings you to the same dead end:

That free website your friend built years ago will not scale with your organization. Plus, the 1997 look and feel of your site doesn’t have the charm it used to.