ROI’s New Home

0001After much preparation, the international staff of ROI is pleased to announce the launch of their new website

In the words of ROI’s program director, Beto Maya:

“The first thing you’ll notice is the name change. From year one, we have been ROI120 – 120 Jewish innovators gathering in Jerusalem to share ideas, gain new skills and inspiration, and move toward impacting the Jewish future. But as our network grew, with about 100 more people every year, we realized that the “120,” while true for the numbers at each individual summit, didn’t remotely describe the network’s reach and potential.

As we prepare to embark upon the fourth annual ROI Summit, it is clear that what we are is the ROI Community – people who have been at previous summits or who have attended local gatherings, or who float as independent units in the orbit of Jewish innovation – and our online home should reflect that less restrictive definition. At the new site, we hope to provide a real home for the members of the ROI Community: making it easier for them to connect with each other between summits and collaborate on innovative initiatives. But beyond the network, we hope that the fresh content we upload regularly will help establish the site as the online, international home of Jewish innovation and creativity in this new era – providing news of new initiatives and analysis of trends that are impacting Jewish life, art, culture, online and offline media, education, environmentalism, service, Israel advocacy, and global Jewish peoplehood.”

Kol Ha-kavod to the entire ROI team – and by the way, the new site looks great!