Recent Additions to Our Resource Library

Nonprofit Blogs: 5 Reasons You Do & Don’t Need One

Does your nonprofit need a blog? That depends on your overall communications strategy. But to help you think through this question, here are my top five reasons why a nonprofit should have a blog and my top five reasons why a nonprofit shouldn’t.

Tips for Giving Social Media Projects to Interns

If you are thinking about giving a social media project to an intern or a new employee who is a recent college grad, keep these four tips in mind. They’ll not only make your intern’s experience much better, but your organization will benefit too.

Fifty Miles and a Watch…The Consultant’s View

Choosing to pay for outside counsel is a significant undertaking even for the most financially secure nonprofit organization. However, there is no guarantee that the results will be what the client expected.

Tweet, Tweet: A Crash Course in Twitter for Nonprofits

Still wondering what this Twitter thing people keep talking about is and if/how your nonprofit can use it to connect with constituents?

Web Video Marketing – 10 Common Marketing Mistakes

You’ve either made these mistakes in the past or seen others make them.