Rashi Foundation: Boosting Education in Israel

from Haaretz:

Rashi Foundation takes aim at high school education

The Rashi Foundation plans to expand its contribution to education in Israel through two ventures: one to establish a network of high schools funded by government but with its extra touch; the other an effort with the Joint Distribution Committee in Israel to provide a three-year boost for selected elementary schools, with the idea of improving them for the long term.

… The Rashi Foundation is believed to be the biggest such fund operating in Israeli education: In 2009 alone it donated $150 million to various educational efforts.

Regarding high schools, the foundation doesn’t plan to build new ones from scratch. It intends to take over certain schools in outlying areas and improve them, starting from the school year beginning in September 2011. The plan for elementary schools is set to begin this year.

… To begin with, it hopes by March to enlist 10 to 20 schools as a pilot program. As said, the chosen schools will begin to operate as Rashi schools from September 2011. With the experience gained from the pilot, Rashi would expand the plan to more schools. It plans to embrace a range of sectors – regular state schools, religious schools and schools in the Arab sector.