Online Holiday Giving to Exceed $3 Billion

Convio, Inc the leading provider of on-demand constituent relationship management software and services for nonprofit organizations estimates that US online giving to nonprofit organization will be more than $3 billion during the holiday season of 2008. A survey conducted by Jupiter Research, a Forrester Research company, reveals that in the US more than half plan to donate to charities of their choice during the upcoming holiday season via the Internet. There are approximately 175 million adults in the US who are using the Internet. Nearly 7 out of 10 people surveyed plan to give the same amount or more, while the current state of the economy will lead 33 percent to give less to charity this holiday season. Despite the challenges of the economy online giving levels have surpassed the tipping point in being a critical component for the overall nonprofit fundraising mix.

a key finding:

The charity’s web site is the most useful tool among those who plan to donate online this holiday season (27%), followed by email appeals sent from family and friends (15%).

Giving priorites:

For the US consumer, helping other people through human and social services organizations such as food banks and homeless shelters will be the top priority during this holiday season with 41 percent of the people expecting to support that type of organization. Thirty-four (34) percent of consumers will support faith-based organizations, followed closely by disease and health service organizations with 33 percent. Consumers also cited animal welfare organizations and disaster and international relief organizations as expected recipients, with 24 and 22 percent respectively.  Women plan to donate more than men 54 percent versus 48 percent. Most likely to donate online are those age 45-54 (55 percent) and those with incomes of $100k+ (64 percent).

You can download the complete report $3 Billion Is A Click Away here.