Oh, Those Americans…

“They drive on the wrong side of the road; they need regime change, but…

They are doing some great stuff online.” (source, workshop hand-out)

This being December, everyone has their lists. Best dressed, worst movies, any and every theme you can possibly imagine. Well, we will not be left out.

I just returned from a workshop in London dealing with Current Trends in Online Fundraising. We were a small, eclectic and focused group representing Israel, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the U.K. and the U.S. Organizations as diverse as Mama Cash, a Netherlands based organization focusing on innovative women’s projects and 2007 EU winner for an online fundraising campaign, to UNICEF participated. I will have much to offer in thoughts, suggestions and resources over the next few weeks. Stay tuned; and to be certain you catch all the latest from ejewishphilanthropy.com remember, subscribe to our blog if you have not already (right side of this page).

The constant theme running throughout the workshop was technology keeps changing. In this vein, the top three in the category of what to expect in 2008 to stay ahead of the curve:

1. test, test and test some more: both technologies and fundraising themes

2. expect some disappointments along with some breakthroughs

3. partner online (or be left behind)

The first and second should be obvious to all of us; but the reality is we are all to complacent. Or, we do not feel technology deserves a larger budget (or one at all). Or, fill in the blank. Technology is not going away. While we need to find the most appropriate use for our own individual organization, an up-to-date online presence is obligatory in 2008.

While we are on lists, if you haven’t already seen this one, check out the current issue of World Jewish Digest, 10 to Watch in 2008. Pay particular attention to entry #4, Person Under 30: Ariel Beery, a key innovator among our new generation of communal builders. Kol Ha-kavod, Ariel.

And finally, the young London Jewish community is alive and exciting. More to come in days to follow.