NYT Publishes Special Section on Giving

new-york-times-logoToday’s New York Times contains their annual special section on giving; some highlights:

When a Donation Steers Off Course

Dozens of times a year, something goes awry – a donor may lose interest, or the project may become more complex than a charity expected.

New Donor Generation Stimulates U.S. Giving

Five years after the Great Recession reshaped the global economy, charitable giving is making a big comeback.

Her Name Is Famous, but She’s Not About Nothing

Jessica Seinfeld, in running her charity, Baby Buggy, which provides baby clothing, gear and services to families in need, has had to surmount the fact that her husband is Jerry.

How to Choose a Charity Wisely

Discriminating givers can turn to services and strategies to make sure their donations will mostly be spent on a charity’s stated mission.

The complete Giving section can be found here.