NIF Will Continue to Fund Controversial Groups

from The Jerusalem Post:

NIF denies plans to change funding policies

The New Israel Fund on Sunday denied speculation it would cease giving money to the Mossawa Center and Adalah, saying it stood firmly behind its commitment to provide financial aid to the controversial Israeli-Arab human rights groups.

“Recent reports about a change in NIF policy are mistaken and result from a misunderstanding over this complex issue,” Itzik Shanan, the NIF’s director of communications, told The Jerusalem Post.

… Speculation regarding the possibility that the NIF would sever its ties with its two grantees began last Thursday when new NIF director Daniel Sokatch told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in an interview that it would not support groups lobbying for Israel to cease being a “Jewish homeland.”

… NIF added that on its website Monday, for the first time, it will release specific guidelines defining who is eligible to receive its grants.