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from The International Herald Tribune:

Prayer day planned to fund ultra-Orthodox schools

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community is planning a day of prayer to encourage continued funding of its schools.

Since the onset of the global financial crisis, many donors have scaled back support and others have stopped completely.

from the ROI Community blog:

ROI Latin American Gathering Report by Yoni Gordis

What does the first ROI Regional Gathering in Latin America look like? Over dinner, I sat with three participants – one from El Salvador, one from Venezuela and one from Cuba. The topic was the tension they feel between the community’s call for them to take a leadership role and the question of how much of one’s personal life one should give to the community. In these small places, one trained leader is a huge boon and can make the difference between the community’s survival or not. The Jewish communities of Cuba and Venezuela have a great deal in common – as well as some differences.

image: Shalom BC