NewsBits: Around the Jewish Web

Touching the world of Jewish philanthropy, here are a few items appearing on other Web sites this Monday morning you may find of interest.

both from The Jerusalem Post:

Gov’t approves ‘Birthright for Jewish teachers’ program

A program to bring Diaspora teachers and community leaders on a subsidized educational trip to Israel has gained government approval for the first time.

At Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting, the ministers approved a pilot program of Netivey Masa, or Masa Pathways, a joint government-Jewish Agency project that is intended to finance a majority of the expense for such trips.

World Jewish Congress seeks a new beginning

WJC officials also speak proudly of a new “rule of law,” with a new constitution replacing the 1975 document that, “in fact, was ignored over the last 25 years.” The new constitution mandates a higher level of transparency and accountability, incorporating checks and balances among the power centers of the organization.

from The Washington Business Journal:

Jewish Federation attempts to raise $5M

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and partner agencies unleashed a new emergency fundraising campaign to raise $5 million by June 30.