New Book Examines Philanthropic Legacies

What does an Auschwitz survivor have in common with the widow of cartoonist Charles Schultz, the daughter of entertainer Lawrence Welk, and the winners of a $141 million lottery? Theirs are just a few of the compelling stories that are featured in a new book called The Grandparent Legacy Project – an initiative boldly proclaiming that a philanthropic legacy is about much more than money. The over-riding theme is legacies comprised of stories, values, and life lessons are the most valuable gifts that grandparents can pass on to future generations.

Created by 21/64 and the Association of Small Foundations, The Grandparent Legacy Project is a resource aimed at helping families communicate legacy — stories, values, and life lessons — across generations. The book examines legacy through a philanthropic lens, and includes the personal stories from fifteen prominent philanthropic grandparents.

Steve Gunderson, President and CEO, Council On Foundations:

“The Grandparent Legacy Project shows us that the truly successful family foundations are grounded by a legacy of values and experiences, passed on from generation to generation. Even as grantmaking priorities evolve, there needs to be a unifying thread that honors the principles upon which the foundation was created. This book is an invaluable resource for families and family foundations that want their philanthropic past to inform their future.”