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3 Ways to Kill & Reinvent Your “About Us” Page

Some of the most tantalizing metrics, for example, like number of impressions don’t usually tell you as much as something more obscure, such as how long someone spent on your site and your top “exit page” – that is, the page that someone looked at last before leaving your site. Among those hidden metrics are the amount of people who visit your site and end up quite rapidly on your About Us page.

6 Ways to Constantly Produce Quality Blog Content

Are you suffering from blogger’s block? Is it hard to find time to create content for your blog?

7 critical qualities of a networked nonprofit

In short, networked nonprofits are defined not by websites and software but by the networked culture that they fully embrace.

10 Great Tools to Create a Mobile Version of Your Site

Right now, most websites are completely unsuitable for mobile viewing, taking 60 or more seconds to load and looking jumbled and confused as they’re squashed onto smaller screens.

Every day, however, thousands of people are releasing mobile versions of their websites and seeing greatly increased levels of traffic as a result. Unless you optimize your website for mobile phone users soon, you could be left behind by the competition. Creating a mobile-friendly version of your site sounds like a daunting task, but it couldn’t be easier to do.

24 tools for fundraising with social media

In the old days – before 2005, remember? – we would solicit our friends to raise funds through walk-a-thons, cake raffles and similar homespun events. If you were raising money for a favorite cause, you’d look to your immediate friends, family and co-workers.

Today, social media has changed the game.

Time for an email newsletter audit?

In the rush to keep your content and list up-to-date, have you taken time out to ensure you’re optimizing one of your most important marketing vehicles?