Moishe House Featured in New York Times

from The New York Times:

The Four-Bedroom Kibbutz

Rebecca Karp, Brian Cohen, Danielle Hardoon and Alissa Worly, all of whom are in their 20s, share a spacious red-brick house in Philadelphia. It rents for $3,200 a month.

But they pay only a fourth of that. Every month, an organization in California sends a check for the lion’s share of the rent – $2,400 – directly to their landlord.

Their benefactor is Moishe House, a nonprofit group founded in 2006 to help Jewish 20-somethings create communities. Its model is simple: Moishe House subsidizes the rent of groups of three to six residents, in exchange for their promise to organize events for other Jews in their 20s. Just four years old, it now has outposts in 29 cities, including Beijing, Cape Town and Warsaw.

image: “Fondue B’Shvat!” by Moishe House Philadelphia