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From Birthright Israel, to Israel-Diaspora relationships, the Falash Mura and embracing the new generation of our community – these are just some of the stories being reported this Friday morning:

from the Forward:

Adelson Shrinks Giving to Birthright

The man commonly known as the world’s richest Jew is scaling back his contributions to one of the most prominent Jewish charities.

from Haaretz:

How well does Livni know the Diaspora?

Whether or not Tzipi Livni’s wafer-thin primary victory will prove sufficient for her to form a government and serve as prime minister, one thing is certain: Ehud Olmert’s administration is over. It was an overdue ending in almost everyone’s opinion. But there was at least one field in which the outgoing premier did embark on a positive initiative: shifting the paradigm of the Israel-Diaspora relationship.

Olmert’s landmark speech to the Jewish Agency board of governors three months ago – which was preceded by comprehensive planning and followed by the formation of a high-powered committee – signaled a significant process that has now been cast in doubt.

from the Jerusalem Post:

School opens in Ethiopia to prepare Falash Mura children for aliya

Days after the Israeli government did an about-face and agreed to continue evaluating Ethiopia’s Falash Mura population for eligibility to make aliya, a new school opened in the northern Ethiopian city of Gondar to help prepare thousands of Falash Mura children for a future life in the Jewish homeland.

from the Jewish Exponent:

Their Goal: to Entice a Few Young Unmarrieds

“We’ve created a very appealing network in Philadelphia for people in their 20s and 30s to meet new people,” said (Ross) Berkowitz, 35, of the various local groups. Each, he pointed out, has carved out a niche to offer their constituents the opportunity “to be a part of something.”

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Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem