Lists, Lists and More Lists: Take 2

thirtysixcover2009The Jewish Week is out with their second list of three dozen young Jews retooling Jewish life in New York. Some of the names are ones you’d expect. Others, dark horses.

from The Jewish Week

Much has been written in these pages and elsewhere about the concern over younger Jews who are less affiliated with Jewish organizations, less connected to Israel and less interested in communal life than their elders. Statistics support this disturbing trend, and that is why it is especially important to highlight the exceptions to the rule. In truth, there are many accomplished, motivated and committed younger people who are not only filling vital roles in the community but are expanding the parameters of Jewish life through their creativity and imagination.

In our second “36 Under 36” section we throw a spotlight on three dozen forward-thinking young people who are helping to remake the Jewish community. They’re raising our eco-IQs, blazing new religious paths, reaching beyond national borders to do good, and creating new enclaves of non-native Jews here. Welcome to the future.

See how many you know in this special section 36 under 36.