Limmud FSU Leadership Summit Opens Today

Fifty Limmud FSU leaders from Russia, Ukraine, Israel, USA, Belarus and Moldova will gather in Jerusalem today for a four day Leadership Summit that includes professional training, team building and learning. They will be joined by staff, the Limmud FSU co-chairs and guests including Israeli author Etgar Keret, MK Yuli Edelstein (Minister of Public Affairs and the Diaspora, Julius Berman (Claims Conference), Natan Sharansky and Carolyn Bogush and Clive Lawton from Limmud International.

In describing the Summit program, Chaim Chesler – the high energy founder and co-chair of Limmud FSU, told eJP, “ The four day program provides an intensive series of lectures, presentations, excursions, workshops and discussions, all incorporated in the framework of the Summit. The participants will have a unique opportunity to enrich, widen and deepen the professional knowledge, tools and skills needed for the further development of Limmud FSU around the world.”

The Summit program is sponsored by UJA Federation – New York.