Leadership Without A Safety Net

The Spring issue of Non-Profit Quarterly is out; titled “Leadership Without a Safety Net”. Their focus in this issue is

“to draw readers away from the emphasis on strategic career development and towards a focus on leading for impact and effectiveness.”

Two articles you may find of particular interest are Gap or Pap: Generational Differences at Work and The Evolution of Nonprofit Management Programs (registration / subscription required).

Gap or Pap: Generational Differences at Work
by Jennifer J. Deal

Conventional wisdom about the dynamics of the nonprofit workplace would have us believe that a great generational shift is under way and that the up-and-coming have a fundamentally different set of values and expectations of their work environments. Enter Jennifer Deal’s recent publication Retiring the Generation GAP, a book that draws on nearly seven years of research—much of it among people working in nonprofits—regarding the generation gap. Deal argues that conflicts attributed to the generation gap are more often based on power differentials and the abuse of power. In an extensive survey of what workers in all generations value in the work environment, she finds little difference between them. The next time someone chalks up conflict to the generations, look for the power dynamics beneath.

The Evolution of Nonprofit Management Programs
by Judith Millesen

What’s new in nonprofit management education? A lot, as it turns out. Interviews with educators from programs around the country reveal a field that is experimenting with new ways to serve and adapt to student needs, to a changing nonprofit landscape, and to new technology. The interviews reflect a great deal of variation between programs as the result of different approaches to education, different populations, and resources.