This isn’t about opening your wallet. This is about opening your heart.

In Short

On Giving Tuesday and every day, the Jewish Future Pledge is about more than a financial commitment.

In my 86 years, few events have struck my heart as deeply as the tragedies of 9/11 and Oct. 7. These days, imprinted in our collective memory, remind us of peace’s fragility and the essential need for vigilance. Today’s conflict between Hamas and Israel echoes the adversities our ancestors endured, from exile to the atrocities of the Holocaust. These chapters of endurance are a testament to the Jewish spirit’s resilience.

This Giving Tuesday presents an occasion and a clarion call to fortify that spirit. 

I founded the Jewish Future Pledge to shape our next chapter at this historical juncture. The Pledge was not conceived in a vacuum but from a deep understanding of our 21st-century reality. We face a world in flux, where challenges to the Jewish community constantly evolve, and the Jewish Future Pledge is designed to be as dynamic as the world it serves. It’s a promise to adapt to meet the needs of our diverse, ever-changing Jewish family by encouraging pledgers to earmark at least half of the charitable contributions in their wills to support Jewish causes, institutions and the Jewish State of Israel. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution nor a legally binding commitment, but rather a moral commitment to meet the dynamic needs of a diverse and ever-changing Jewish world. 

My journey with Jewish causes and Israel has been lifelong, shaping my belief in the power of unwavering support. This Pledge embodies that belief — a testament to the fact that fear is no match for the strength found in unity. In moments of crisis, our unity is our strength. The Pledge is not merely a financial gesture but an educational, advocative and communal rallying point. It’s a declaration of solidarity — that we are undivided in purpose and spirit. When we pledge, we affirm: “We stand with our heritage, our people and our homeland, no matter the trials.” It is a commitment to ensure that the next generation understands and values their Jewish heritage. It is a commitment that goes beyond dollars and cents. It asks you to open your heart.

The Pledge is a covenant with our children and grandchildren. I envision the Jewish Future Pledge as a legacy for the Jewish community and Israel, carrying the torch from generation to generation. I hope it will continue growing, attracting more supporters who share our vision. Individual experiences can shape the trajectory of collective efforts. Each pledger, no matter where they come or where they’re going, contributes to a stronger, more resilient Jewish community and a more profound commitment to the security and prosperity of Israel.

Today, on Giving Tuesday, I invite you to join a movement of over 32,000 pledgers and $2.4 billion secured in commitments to Jewish causes. Your signature is more than a gesture; it’s a beacon of hope for a vibrant Jewish future. It’s a step toward a brighter tomorrow for the Jewish people and the State of Israel and a testament that history is indeed on our side. As we navigate these tumultuous times, let the Pledge be your declaration of resilience and solidarity. Let it be your legacy to the Jewish community and Israel. Please participate in this sacred commitment on this day of giving and each one hereafter, and together, we can forge a future as enduring as our past. 

Business executive and philanthropist Mike Leven is the founder of The Jewish Future Pledge. He currently serves on the boards of The Marcus Foundation, Georgia Aquarium, Zionist Organization of America, Jewish National Fund, AEPi Fraternity Foundation, Birthright Israel Foundation and HERSHA Hospitality Trust.