JNF (UK) and the OR Movement: Going to Bet Din Hearing

As a follow-up to our post on March 1st concerning the continuing controversy between JNF UK, some donors and Project Or here in Israel, according to the London Jewish Chronicle:

JNF agrees to go to Beth Din hearing

The chairman of JNF has spoken publicly for the first time about a five-month-long row over donations.

Samuel Hayek explained why the charity has not passed on more than £250,000 to a Negev-based Israeli non-governmental organisation (NGO), Project Or.

The money was part of more than £600,000 raised at a dinner in London in January 2007 organised by businessman Cyril Stein, who has taken up the cudgels on Or’s behalf.

Mr Stein has now decided to take the dispute to the London Beth Din. Mr Hayek responded: “It’s unlikely we would say ‘no’ as we are a Jewish organisation.”