JFN Announces Director Of Israel Office

The Jewish Funders Network has hired Maya Natan, formerly of JAFI, to direct its initiative to expand JFN’s member network in Israel. Natan brings twelve years of experience in Jewish communal service in Israel, England and the U.S. to the role.

“Maya has a remarkable combination of experience and natural leadership ability.  Her talents at fostering relationships will help Israeli donors find like-minded philanthropists in the Diaspora to compare experiences, access information and ultimately forge partnerships,” said JFN President Mark Charendoff

In her role as Director of the Jewish Experience in Israel Unit for the Jewish Agency’s Education Department, Natan served as the point person for Jewish Agency involvement with Project Masa. Prior to her current position, Natan served as the head of Regional Strategy in the Research and Strategic Planning unit of the Jewish Agency in Israel, as well as in England, where she worked with the Jewish Agency and the UJIA. Prior to her time in the UK, Natan was an Israel and Overseas Associate in Washington DC, where she was in charge of the Partnership 2000 initiative with Beit Shemesh-Adulam.

“Opening a JFN office in Israel marks a tremendous opportunity for increased collaboration and partnership between Israeli philanthropists and those around the world,” said JFN Board Chair, Murray Galinson, “we’re looking forward to the energy and leadership that Maya will bring to the operation.”