Israel was Always an Aspirational Concept

Video credit: The iCenter

By Jill Weber Smith

Israel was always an aspirational concept. And because brave people, some of whom had nothing to lose and some of whom had everything to lose, dared to dream the seemingly impossible, Israel became a reality.

The diverse and courageous people who either enjoy the legacy of their parents and grandparents’ dreams or those who fled unhospitable countries … or those who simply loved the notion of a Jewish homeland are all there because people dared to brave all the forces conspiring against them. They are there because they were willing to risk the status quo to make a new life in a Jewish State.

So why is the launch of Beresheet so important? Why is it significant that Israel is likely to be only the fourth country in the universe to reach the moon? There are 195 countries in the world and Israel is a small one … 8.7 million people. Because SpaceIL is exactly what Israel was: a dream. And with 195 countries, the preponderance of that are more populous than Israel, why does such a tiny country shine? Because the principles of the founding of the State of Israel continue to propel and inspire the people whose dreams make Israel an outstanding performer in technology, medicine and agriculture.

Bravo to Morris Kahn and his fellow investors for once again dreaming … for reaching for the stars. And, yet again, Israel will be a star in our universe. As Frank Sinatra so eloquently said: Fly Me To The Moon.

Jill Weber Smith is Senior Advisor to the Chair, Genesis Prize Foundation.