Israel Venture Network Announces New Social Entrepreneurship Fellows

6a00d83454824d69e200e55018472d8834-150wiThe IVN has recently announced the recipients of their 2009-2011 Fellowships.

Dedicated to developing and implementing innovative and sustainable social/economic solutions, the program supports and incubates highly entrepreneurial individuals who stand at the cutting edge of social change, developing and pursuing their vision in Israel and beyond, and empowering people and communities to create positive, sustained change.

The selection of the Social Entrepreneurs is a critical part of the process with the chances of the initiative evolving, having an impact and reaching a level of sustainability directly dependent upon selecting the right people. Over 200 applications were received for the current round.

The success of the program translates into a platform for social entrepreneurs to realize their vision within a real framework to help them sustain it.

Here are IVN’s 2009-2011 Social Entrepreneur Fellows:

Adi Berson’s Preschool Education for Sustainability (sponsored by the Green Environment Fund)

Value-based education has been significantly reduced within the education system, which now concentrates mainly on the transfer of knowledge. In Israel, environmental education begins in elementary school. As commendable as this sounds, research shows that many lifelong attitudes and values relating the environment are developed in the early childhood level. Adi believes that the unique atmosphere in pre-school allows for the direct learning of values, practices and lifestyles and fosters children as change-agents for the enhancement of environmental practices at home and in their community.

Lior Lapid’s Big Brother

Lior has taken upon himself the promotion of education & volunteerism in Israel. Through the Big Brother program, academically and/or socially challenged 6th graders are identified and paired with a volunteer from the community. The volunteer provides both social and academic support as part of this youth mentoring program. These quality relationships are built on friendship and trust, and are proven to be a significant positive
influence in the life of the child, and the volunteer.

Lior is also a member of the ROI Community of young Jewish innovators.

Nasmat Zaytoon & Nadia Ismael’s Center for the Development and Empowering of Bedouin Women

Arab Alcamana is one of the most conservative communities within the Israeli Arab Bedouin community. The traditional and patriarchal framework of the community has served to restrain women’s progress politically, economically and socially. The initiative intends to establish an active social center in Arab Alcamana that will also act as a model for women in other Bedouin villages. The center’s mission is to provide a place to empower and assist them in building programs that respond to their specific needs as Arab Bedouin women. The center will be dedicated to strengthening Arab Bedouin women, creating social and economic opportunities, developing their self esteem, self confidence and realizing their potential – in an environment  free of fear.

Eliran Tourjman – Different Discourse

Already in its third year in Beersheba, Eliran’s initiative aims to strengthen the relationships and communication between students, their parents and their teachers by creating a common language and generating continuous dialogue. The program is based on an experiential education framework of experiencing, processing and learning. By expanding the youngster’s circle of influence (all of the things he/she can affect) we empower them to be proactive and be part of the solution.

Ran Yashfe’s  Advancing Communication Project

Located in a renovated building in the heart of Tel Aviv, Ran’s unique initiative teaches delinquents and youth with special needs a skill – a profession even –  but more importantly, Ran’s exceptional teaching methods of using a video camera, teaches communication to populations who more often than not lack those vital skills and tools. The idea is not to get the communication-impaired to talk to the camera but for participants to create movies that represent what they feel. Then, through watching the film and then discussing it they learn to get in touch with and to describe their feelings.

Natan Rubin’s EitanimEnlisting Together

Responding to the national challenge of advancing development towns and bridging social gaps, Eitanim is a solution based on instilling Jewish and Zionist values in the development town’s youth in an appealing and practical way. Designed as an intensive weekly program for 11th and 12th graders, the program uses military preparation skills and training as a method to convey a wider scope of educational agendas, and engages the youth in real-life decision making and leadership situations. Eitanim’s staff members are all former and present officers and commanders in the IDF, and residents of the development town of Netivot.