Israel to the Moon

On February 21 (subject to change), SpaceIL is scheduled to launch Beresheet, an unmanned spacecraft, onboard an American SpaceX rocket. It will be the first non-governmental spacecraft to land on the moon.

The iCenter – the North American educational partner of SpaceIL – has released The Landing Page – An Educator’s Launch Kit to help people engage with this historic moment. The Launch Kit, designed for use by parents and educators, includes STEM activities, Hebrew materials, stories, videos, Moon Party Spotify playlists, and more. Join The iCenter for a 30-minute webinar on Feb. 18, 19, or 20 to become familiar with the resources and their potential uses. Additional dates will be announced. REGISTER HERE.

This achievement – 8 years in the making – taps into our imagination, curiosity, and wonder – and blends STEM with Israel in a monumental way.

This information originates from The iCenter. In the event you have questions or require more details, please contact The iCenter directly.