Israel Calls on Jewish Americans to Close Achievement Gap

In order to address Israel’s educational inequity and the widespread under-performance of youth in low-income communities, Masa Israel Journey and the Israeli Ministry of Education are launching Israel Teaching Fellows to serve as volunteer English teachers throughout Israel. Through this initiative, 100 exemplary North American college graduates will be chosen to teach in underprivileged communities in Israel for a 10-month service program.

Similar programs are JET in Japan, EPIK in Korea, Teaching Assistant Program in France, North American Language and Cultural Assistants in Spain and English Opens Doors in Chile.

Following an initial training period, the Teaching Fellows will live in small groups in communities in Israel and teach for 20 hours a week. The Teaching Fellows will also choose or design secondary volunteer projects in their communities. Ongoing pedagogical support, Hebrew Ulpan, host families and travel will be provided throughout their time in Israel.

Accepted Teaching Fellows must have college degrees and experience as educators and leaders. They must also demonstrate the ability to excel in a challenging, cross-cultural environment and the desire to be immersed in Israeli society.

The inaugural Israel Teaching Fellows program will run from August 2011 – June 2012. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance in May 2011.

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