Is Bielski Leaving JAFI?

JAFI held a press conference yesterday to discuss the $45 million cut from the 2009 budget. You can read about it in this story from The Jerusalem Post.

But the most interesting news was to be found in the story’s last paragraph. Having just returned from the U.K. and meeting with some rather prominent JAFI supporters, I suspect this tidbit was little known:

“Bielski, a former long-time mayor of Ra’anana who worked long and hard to help Tzipi Livni win last month’s Kadima primary, has been rumored as a possible minister in her government if Kadima wins the national elections. He did not deny that he was pondering a return to politics, but said he had not made a final decision. He would do so within the next two weeks, he said, in coordination with his agency colleagues and the Board of Governors.”