Introducing the 2011 Summer of Change

The past decade has seen a remarkable growth and revitalization of Jewish life across Europe. New initiatives are emerging in countries all over the continent, and people are connecting and reconnecting to Jewish life – culturally and spiritually. Social entrepreneurs are creating new realities, focusing on education, arts & culture and community building, and introducing new ways of expressing Judaism, ways that are inclusive, open and accessible, reaching people who were previously unaffiliated to the established communities.

Paideia, ROI Community and JHub have played an integral part in these important developments and work together towards a shared vision of a vital and vibrant Jewish culture in Europe. The time has now come to reflect, celebrate and to continue building: reflect on the changes taking place in Europe through the lens of Jewish thought, to celebrate those who are making change happen and to renew the visions of developing Jewish life in Europe during the next decades.

The Summer of Change consists of three interwoven components:

The Project-Incubator: a two-week program for individuals who develop their ideas from concept to implementation, with individual tutoring, lectures, networking and peer support. It will take place in Stockholm and Uppsala and includes the JPropel event.

JPropel: a four-day program gathering of leaders and activists from across Europe who will meet, learn and create together. Staff in the European gathering and the Project-Incubator will be drawn from the major organizations working with Jewish social innovation in Europe and worldwide.

The Paideia Decennial Conference: Jewish Perspectives on Transformations in Contemporary Europe will gather the foremost thinkers, professionals and innovators to reflect on change in Europe through the lens of Jewish thought, including the participants from all the above events.

Additional information on the various events, and organizers, can be found on the Summer of Change website.