Introducing Compass: Europe’s Slingshot

Compass is a new guide that will highlight the most inspiring, innovative and sustainable Jewish projects in Europe today.

Inspired by Slingshot, Compass is a project of the Westbury Group, a network of 25 international Foundations with a shared interest in enhancing Jewish life in Europe. Compass will feature the 50 most inspiring organizations in Europe today in a Zagat-style guide.

With Compass, the sponsors hope to create a map of European Jewish activity that will inspire and encourage donors, supporters and innovators across the Jewish world. They are now seeking nominations. This is a great opportunity to gain recognition from a project or organization that you are involved with or know about.

The guide aims to identify organizations which fulfill the following objectives:

  • demonstrate new and effective ways to serve individual European Jewish communities
  • strengthen Jewish culture in Europe
  • ensure richness, diversity and vibrancy of Jewish life in Europe
  • collaborate with other minorities and/or build relationships in mainstream culture

Nominations must be submitted by May 1 2008. Contact compasscarolyn [at] for more information.

(thanks Rachel)