ICC Launches ‘Ask Herzl’ – An Online Campus Collaboration Tool

After a decade of Israel advocacy leadership and on-campus programming, the Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC) has launched Ask Herzl, an online project that will help students and professionals develop and implement more effective strategies on their campuses.

Ask Herzl allows students and professionals to share the strategies, programs and resources that have been effective on their campuses with each other and the wider Israel community. Users will be able to rate the quality of programs and help identify the best activities for all who visit the Ask Herzl site. According to ICC Executive Director Steve Kuperberg, Ask Herzl helps to ameliorate the rapid turnover inherent in student and campus professional populations.

“Every year, we lose invaluable knowledge because up until now, there was no tool that could capture the experiences and lessons of student leaders and their professional mentors,” Kuperberg said.  “Ask Herzl closes that gap and serves as a hub for knowledge.”

Ask Herzl will be available to anyone involved in Israel programming. Users will submit resources for the Israel community to see, share, critique and “like.” Users can also customize their profile to receive notifications when resources are submitted to a certain campus, organization or about a certain topic.