Hebrew College Publishes High Holiday Companion

Hebrew College has published the Hebrew College High Holiday Companion. The collection emerged out of a unique collaboration among faculty, staff, students and alumni of various Hebrew College programs and is designed for personal reflection as well as group study during the month of Elul and throughout the High Holidays.

Among the 24 contributors are such thought leaders and luminaries as Rabbi Arthur Green, Rector of the Rabbinical School (Rosh Hashanah Musaf: Submission, Memory and Responsibility); Rabbis Nehemia Polen and Michael Shire, Professor of Jewish Thought at the Rabbinical School, and Chief Academic Officer and Dean of the Shoolman School of Education, respectively (Ha’yom Harat Olam: Today the World is Conceived); Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, Dean of the Rabbinical School (The Ram’s Horn: On being Caught in the Thicket); Dr. Bernice Lerner, Director of Adult Learning (Ne’ilah: The Opening of the Close); Rabbi Daniel Lehmann, President of the College (The Dual Nature of Shofar); and Rabbi Or Rose, Director of the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning and Leadership (“One Thing I Ask of YHWH”: Psalm 27).

Copies of the High Holiday Companion are available for individual purchase and at reduced rates for larger quantities and resale. They may be purchased online at https://bookstore.hebrewcollege.edu/.