Hazon Yeshaya Responds to UK Friends

In response to reports that have appeared in the media, Hazon Yeshaya has issued the following statement:

“The directors of Hazon Yeshaya Humanitarian Network are keen to reassure all the charity’s many supporters around the world that there is no cause for concern, as alleged in a recent statement posted on the UK Friends website and released to the media.

Hazon Yeshaya has cooperated fully with the audit by Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar, which was commissioned by the UK Friends, and has confidence that their report will show that there are no financial irregularities or problems with its humanitarian operations.

The charity’s spokesman says: “It is easy to cast aspersions and spread rumours that are based on mistakes and misinformation. People who have visited our facilities have seen for themselves the important work we are doing, and the Deloitte audit will prove that all donations are being properly applied in Israel according to the principles of good governance.”

Hazon Yeshaya has passed all the regular audits carried out by Israel’s governmental departments: the “Rasham Ha-Amutot” in the Department of Justice, the Auditor General in the Finance Department, and the Tax Authorities. Hazon Yeshaya holds a certificate attesting to its proper management and enjoys preferred tax status in Israel, as well as 501(c)3 status in the United States, and is a registered charity in the UK, France and Canada.

Hazon Yeshaya subscribes to a doctrine of transparency and makes its financial documents available on its website: hazonyeshaya.org.”