Haiti: The Jewish World Responds

Here is a list of some of the Jewish organizations raising money for disaster relief, Jewish Charities Aid Haiti Earthquake Victims.

from The Fundermentalist:

Relief agencies: Early outpouring of dollars for Haiti are critical

The earthquake has elicited an incredible response from the Jewish community, as well. The American Jewish World Service has already raised $1.5 million that it will distribute to the grassroots economic development organizations that it already works with in Haiti. The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee has brought in nearly $700,000 online through a mailbox it opened for the relief effort and to which dozens of Jewish organizations are directing their constituents.

The JUF-Jewish Federation of Chicago alone has raised some $195,995 from 1,482 contributors for the JDC’s effort, while the Jewish Federation of Toronto has raised $75,000 already.

On the ground, the AJWS says that all of the 10 organizations with which it works are in emergency mode now and have shifted focus to help in the aid effort.

from The Jerusalem Post:

Israeli team’s field hospital begins operating in Haiti

The Israeli aid delegation to Haiti began operating its emergency field hospital in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince Saturday evening.

The hospital includes an intensive care room, delivery rooms and wards for children and the elderly. Many injured people were reportedly being treated at the hospital and more were on their way.

image: courtesy ZAKA, U.S.A.

update Jan 18: The Jewish Federation of Toronto has informed us they have raised over $250k (as of yesterday).

update Jan 19: Israeli Organizations at Forefront of Haiti Aid