eJP Launches iPad Optimized Version

With the aim of increasing choices, and providing an improved visitor experience, eJewish Philanthropy today launched an iPad specific-version of their website. Built on the same framework as eJP‘s popular touch mobile version, this is not an app, but rather a fast-loading, smooth display designed specifically for iPad reading. Utilizing native touch and scrolling features familiar to all iPad users, this option is based on the latest technologies available, including HTML5, CSS3 and advanced JavaScript.

Among the many options now available is the ability to save a post for future reading (as of today, this option is also available on the touch-mobile version).

Recognizing the importance of being at the forefront with ever-changing technology, over the past few months, eJewish Philanthropy has added significant updates to the websites’ back-end, along with some visual enhancements to the homepage design. Today also saw the release of a new version of the touch mobile site, incorporating both technological and visual updates.

Instructions for iPad viewing: on any browser, pull up ejewishphilanthropy.com. Your iPad should automatically display the optimized version. If not, scroll to the bottom of the page to locate “Switch to iPad” and activate (you only need to enable this once and can always switch back). For those interested in adding eJP to their home-screen, look for a pop-up in the upper left-hand corner [following activation] saying “Add to Home-Screen”, and click.

Note: There are minor display differences between portrait and landscape view.