Do You Have a Web Strategy?

159037_whatcanyoulearnfromtheHaving an Internet presence is one thing. Having an Internet strategy is something more. At the Direct Marketing Association New York Nonprofit Conference, Laura Durington of Catholic Relief Services and Anthony Jones of Ducks Unlimited emphasized the importance of having an Internet strategy, and they offered five points toward getting that done.

Remember that an Internet presence is an opportunity for you to listen, as well as for you to speak to donors.

  • The starting point for content strategy, they said, is to establish your site as the “online” authority for your business.
  • Know your site analytics. Know what turns your audience on. What content presents the most value to your visitors? Make content material they want, not what you want.
  • Let them know when you launch something really special, a new e-newsletter, a new initiative, something that sets you above the others or helps you stand out.
  • Own up to your mistakes. As we struggle to cope with technology that changes by the nanosecond, mistakes will be made. Besides, we’re human and can make mistakes. Just as Internet immediacy can cause problems, it can also help get apologies out quickly.
  • Remember to say “thank you.” An online presence offers a chance to offer acknowledgment, as well as to let donors know what their support means. Let them know it really does make a difference.

courtesy The NonProfit Times