Britain’s Top 10 Trends in Philanthropy

Some trends seem to be global. This from The Telegraph (UK):

Philanthropy in Britain: top 10 trends among this century’s William Morrises

Here we take a look at the 10 emerging trends among British philanthropists …

2. A new type of donor is emerging, altering the giving landscape

Changes in amount and source of wealth are giving rise to a new type of donor – one who is younger, typically (but not necessarily) self-made and socially conscious. The new philanthropists want to be engaged in their giving, using their business experience and expertise to support the charity more closely. They also are willing to invest a significant amount of capital – including funding core costs – and take significant risks to test innovative ideas. Importantly, because they are private individuals, they are able to take risks that government and many foundations, who are accountable to other stakeholders, simply cannot.

5. Givers increasingly want to see the impact of their donations

As they become more sophisticated and strategic in their giving, donors increasingly want to see the impact of their support. This goes beyond outputs, such as the number of people helped, to address the longer-term outcomes and impacts on beneficiaries, such as improved health or self-esteem. Donors are also demanding increased accountability and transparency from charities. They want to be confident that their money is being used both effectively and efficiently.

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