Breaking: The AJCongress Has Closed

According to employees of the organization, the American Jewish Congress closed its doors at the end of business yesterday.

More as it becomes available. In the meantime, be sure to check out the article Remembering What the AJCongress Was.

update July 17: While no official announcement has yet been made by AJCongress, rumors continue that they will re-organize in some manner. Email messages to Matthew Mark Horn, one of the Acting Co-Executive Director’s of the Congress receive an automatic response that states, “After July 15, 2010, AJCongress has suspended most of its operations…”

According to Richard Gordon, president of the organization, “We have the money in the bank, but cannot get to it because of our constitution. We expect to have access to it in a matter of weeks.”

Regarding speculation of a merger with the American Jewish Committee, Gordon continues, “We’re talking to the American Jewish Committee time and again … where it leads, I don’t know.”