Blazing Trails with TrailTalks

from The Jerusalem Post:

Roving ambassadors

It’s common for Israelis, upon completing their army service, to backpack around the world before going on to university or vocational training. Now, an experimental, interactive, two-day program launched in August is aiming to prepare them for the experience. “Now is the moment for individual Israelis to take bold and courageous steps to build constructive communication, business connections and strong relationships with people all over the world,” says Natalie Gourvitch, founder and executive director of TrailTalks.

The new enterprise – developed with the Center for Leadership Initiatives, a boutique consulting firm – is meant to help young backpackers develop meaningful international relationships while advising them on how to better represent Israel abroad.

… According to Gourvitch, if young travelers “could leverage the uniquely powerful opportunities they have to exchange their individual perspectives, learn from each other and seed dynamic and enduring relationships, not only would they be prepared for their increasingly globalized future, but they could seed dynamic and meaningful relationships that would reverberate across the wider international community.”