Around Our Jewish World

A sampling of recent stories of particular interest…

A Town Under Fire Becomes a Symbol for Israel; from the front page of yesterday’s New York Times:

SDEROT, Israel — This long neglected immigrant town a mile from Gaza, pounded by Palestinian rockets for the past seven years, is taking on a new identity, edging into the center of Zionist consciousness as a symbol of the nation’s unofficial motto: “Never Again.”

Federation’s Stanley Gold slashes board size, reorganizes

When Stanley Gold took over as Board Chair he promised major change. He also pledged to have 50% of the board under 50 y.o. within two years. I hope he understands this means including two generations of adults, not one.

Last week the 133-member board of The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles voted nearly unanimously to dissolve itself and reconstitute about 65 percent lighter.

Hillel opens up to non-Jews

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Hillel centers on university campuses were viewed not long ago as little more than the local Jewish hangout, a place where students could come for kosher meals or socialize with other Jews.

But in a move that Hillel leaders say has been forced upon them by this generation’s altered social landscape, the organization is throwing open its doors to everyone, designing programs that appeal to Jews and non-Jews and hyping its contribution to university — not only Jewish – life. Click here to continue reading.

Needed: A new deal for our rich uncles overseas

A growing fear Jewish philanthropists will not continue signing checks.

Stuff Jewish Young Adults Like; #12 Non Profits

It would also be safe to say that Jewish philanthropy has maybe knocked good Jewish doctors and good Jewish lawyers off the list of great Jewish jobs. Got 200 bucks lying around? Start a non-profit.