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Jewish Agency plans large-scale cutbacks

Daphna Berman in Haaretz

“The Jewish Agency will soon be initiating a large-scale cutback in a move that would significantly reduce staff size, chairman Zeev Bielski warned this week. Though he would not specify the number of intended job losses at the organization, he said the cutbacks in the coming weeks would “touch every department in the Jewish Agency.” But he rejected claims the Jewish Agency is on the decline and insisted it remains as relevant as in the years after the establishment of the State, saying the “reduction in manpower” is simply the result of the dollar’s decline.”

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Israel at 60 logo a no-go for some

Shelly Paz in the JPost

“Want to use Israel’s 60th birthday logo to help spread the celebration? Not so fast. A request by The Jerusalem Post to use it on its Web site revealed this week that specific approval is required for such requests, requiring first navigating a bureaucratic path that may take some of the cheer out of the process.”

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