A ‘Humbler’ Diaspora Policy

High-level gov’t report to unveil ‘humbler’ Diaspora policy

Writing in this morning’s Jerusalem Post, Haviv Retting tells us:

“A new government strategy to redefine ties with the Diaspora to be “less patronizing and more humble” will be unveiled on June 22 in a policy report being developed jointly by Cabinet Secretary Ovad Yehezkel and Alan Hoffman, director-general of the Jewish Agency’s Education Department.

…As an example of this change, Yehezkel “would like to see a doubling, tripling, even quadrupling of the state’s funding of Birthright Israel and Masa,” which today reaches $18 million annually for Birthright alone.

…The report is the latest development in a process launched in February at the cabinet level to reshape Israel’s relationship to the Diaspora.

…The new report will be ready for the Jewish Agency Board of Governors meeting in Jerusalem on June 22, where it will be presented to Diaspora representatives to seek their input.”