18 Under 18: The Next NowGen

from JVibe:

18under18_0story18 Under 18: The List is In

JVibe’s first-ever “18 Under 18” awards were years in the making; the responsibility of choosing these remarkable teens wasn’t taken lightly. We received nominations from March through May from all over North America, and the competition was fierce. Since we’ve never run an awards program before, we didn’t know what to expect. We were floored by the creative and inspiring accomplishments of the young adults who were nominated. From philanthropy to theater to helping the disadvantaged to music, we found the nominees’ talents not only varied but also deeply passionate.

The hardest part of the whole process for us was choosing only 18 teens; every teen nominated was truly inspirational. The winners, listed in alphabetical order, represent those who we felt were most extraordinary in their dedication to a cause or pursuit reflecting Jewish values and an inspiration to other teens. We hope they serve as role models for everyone, and we look forward to seeing the ways in which they make positive change in years to come. At long last, here’s our list.