1000 Russian-speaking Jews party at Jerusalem Birthright Israel event

Photo credit: Jane Peimer

Earlier this week, a thousand young Russian speaking Jews from around the world participated in Birthright Israel’s Mega event, marking seventy years to Israel’s independence and BRI’s 18th anniversary.

During the evening the participants enjoyed a variety of lectures given by Russian speaking cultural figures, among them: Anna Aronov, Yevgenia Dodina, Avi Binyamin, Tamara Klingon and Sasha Prilutzky, who shared their success stories and their connection to Israeli works of music, art and literature.

Photo credit: Jane Peimer

For most of BRI’s Russian speaking participants, the ten-day trip in Israel marks more than just their first visit in the country, but also gives them an opportunity to discover the cultural capital of Israel and to take this experience and pass it on in their communities back home.

Addressing those in attendance, President and CEO of Genesis Philanthropy Group Ilia Salita said: ”Continuous innovation and pluralistic spirit make Birthright Israel one of the most inviting options that the Jewish community can offer its young generation, on their journey to explore their legacy. Genesis Philanthropy Group is thrilled that, every year, its long-standing partnership with Birthright Israel provides thousands of young Russian-speaking Jews from across the globe with an opportunity to strengthen their Jewish identity and to discover their love for Israel.”

Genesis Philanthropy Group is a generous supporter of Birthright Israel programs from Russian-speaking communities.