Is the Jewish Code to Success Written in Russian?

3 countries of Russian speaking Jewry; copyright eJewish Philanthropy

"Walking through the halls of a high-tech company, one hears as much Russian as English. I see the influence of Russian-speaking Jews in every field.” Eli Etin, an innovator at Amdocs by Nathan Roi Many Russian speaking Jews are living the dream. After immigrating to North America or Israel, they have climbed the ladder of success, particularly in the high-tech industry. Their stories are also the stories of Google, Paypal and Whatsapp. Because of this remarkable success, Limmud FSU devoted its most recent conference to the subject of innovation and the Russian speaking Jew. Jan Koum is a Russian-speaking Jew. Ukrainian-born and raised in the States since 1992, he describes himself as having been a "rebellious" kid from early on. Not so long ago, Koum's family had to reinvent themselves … [Read more...]

Limmud FSU Collaborates with The Fellowship; Expands to Canada, Australia and Western U.S.

Havdalah at Limmud FSU Innovation, March 29, 2014; photo by Nathan Roie.

On the heels of an extraordinarily successful fifth Limmud FSU program in the New York area, the organization announced a new global multi-year collaboration designed to enhance and develop the activities of Limmud FSU and expand their worldwide footprint. As part of the collaboration, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) has become a key partner to Limmud FSU and will provide funding that will allow Limmud FSU to engage more participants globally, most of whom are young Russian-speaking Jewish adults. The Fellowship's president, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, will join Limmud FSU's leadership team as dean and member of the executive committee, alongside Matthew Bronfman, chairman of the International Steering Committee, and Aaron Frenkel, Limmud FSU's president. As an … [Read more...]

The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming… Wait, They’re Here!

Our new paradigm changes the traditional conversation by giving these young volunteers the responsibility for creating their own conferences and enabling the volunteer-led organizing committees in each community to ‘own’ their future. by Sandra Cahn In cultivating the next generation of Jewish volunteers and philanthropists, most communal organizations are challenged to attract Millennials as they come of age and strive to assume leadership roles in their communities. Nonprofit organizations are exploring ways to include young people in governance, to involve them in a variety of special projects, and to provide hands-on volunteer opportunities. And, over time encourage their financial support. Though inroads are being made, progress is slow because young volunteers today want to make a … [Read more...]

Limmud FSU Conference in N.J. to Explore What Makes Russian-American Jews Successful High-Tech Innovators


"Russian-speaking Jewish activists debunk the persistent myth of lack of interest in Jewish education and work tirelessly to create a conference for their peers with the understanding of this group’s unique cultural interests and intellectual approach." Alina Bitel, Chair, Limmud FSU-USA Over 800 young Russian-American Jews will come together this weekend for the annual Limmud FSU festival, the largest gathering of Russian-speaking Jews in North America. The three day event is a celebration of Jewish learning featuring a full program of lectures, workshops, round-table discussions, music and a wide-range of cultural events in three languages - Russian, English and Hebrew. The festival officially kicked off yesterday with a special New York City event in the presence of Speaker of the … [Read more...]

Limmud FSU Forges Ahead

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Limmud FSU has released its annual report for 2013: from the introduction: Limmud FSU is a stealth force in the world of informal Jewish education for the young Russian-speaking Jewish community. Today, we experience their passion and burgeoning interest in their Jewish heritage, reflecting their drive and desire to understand what it is to be Jewish. Entering its eighth year, volunteerism and participation in Limmud FSU events has grown exponentially. As we travel on behalf of Limmud FSU, from Moscow and Ukraine to Belarus, Israel, Moldova, St. Petersburg, Canada and the United States, we continue to be inspired by the intellectual and spiritual hunger of the participants, who were eager to understand: “What is being Jewish about?” It is the uniqueness of the Limmud model that … [Read more...]

Limmid FSU to Commemorate Ariel Sharon in Belarus

Limmud FSU announced this week that the upcoming Limmud FSU conference in Belarus, planned for this June, will feature a special event in memory of the late Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon whose parents were born in Belarus. The conference is planned to take place in his father’s hometown of Brest and official representation from both the Belarus and Israeli governments is expected. According to Limmud FSU co-founders Chaim Chesler and Sandra Cahn, 700 Russian-speaking young adults from across Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic states will attend. Sharon’s parents were Shmuel Scheinerman (1896-1956) from Brest-Litovsk and Vera Scheinerman (1900-1988) from Mogilev; both towns are in what was then Belorussia and is now Belarus. The family immigrated to mandatory Palestine in 1922 in … [Read more...]