Asian Jewish Life

Asian Jewish Life is a celebration of the diversity of the Jewish experience in Asia as well as of Asian Jewry.

Published quarterly, Asian Jewish Life seeks to:

  • Connect the separate pockets of Jewish Life throughout the region by creating a contemporary creative outlet to share thoughts, ideas and promote unity through memoirs, poetry, short fiction, historical pieces, book and film reviews, viewpoint articles, artist profiles, photography and graphic art.
  • Help preserve the long history that Jewish life has imprinted on the region.
  • Break down common stereotypes about where Jews hail from or what we look like.
  • Build bridges with local communities by sharing our celebration of Jewish life in the region with the aim of leading to a broader understanding of the richness of the Jewish tradition and culture.

Here at eJewish Philanthropy, with our continuing goal of bringing you some of the best from the new Jewish media world, we will be sharing selected articles with our website visitors.

If you are a resident of Asia, and would like to receive a free subscription to Asian Jewish Life simply send your residential or business address to

Asian Jewish Life will also send copies outside of the Asia-Pacific region, please inquire for further details.