Fundraising for Israel: Has the Time Come for a Quid Pro Quo


What if the Diaspora demanded something in return for the financial aid they deliver each and every year to Israeli society? The worst fire in the history of the State of Israel is behind us and the process of assessing needs and rebuilding has begun. Residents have returned to their homes, the emergency command headquarters at the University of Haifa has been dismantled and the immediate crisis has passed. In between the recriminations, the government has begun a needs assessment. And so have most players in the global Jewish world. As of today, 44 have lost their lives in the fire - 36 Israel Prison Service members, police officers and fire service members and one teen-age fire volunteer. According to the Jewish National Fund (JNF), 25,000 were evacuated, homes were lost and more than … [Read more...]

The Gender Disconnect


The Jewish communal world has a problem. Well, several, but today let's focus on one: the continuing gender gap in North American Jewish organizations. A recently released study, titled Jewish Communal Professionals in North American: A Profile, provides an unprecedented look of over 2000 Jewish communal professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Commissioned by The Jewish Communal Service Association and conducted by the Berman Jewish Policy Archive at New York University's Wagner Graduate School, the study provides the first in-depth look, across the organizational divide, at who is working in U.S. Jewish communal institutions, their education, responsibilities, training, compensation and more. The results are disturbing - especially regarding the continuing gender pay and … [Read more...]

Bricks, Clicks and the Jewish Media


A few short weeks ago, just short of celebrating the 25th anniversary of their opening, the struggling Blockbuster video chain filed for bankruptcy. This long-expected move came about for many reasons. And their experience shows the significant challenges in adding an online strategy to traditional bricks-and-mortar stores. Similar challenges exist with how established print media outlets are dealing with their online presence. In today’s modern world most people would prefer to receive their news from online sites rather than newspapers. One is able to access more relevant information for free. And, there is less likelihood of receiving outdated information due to frequent updating of many news sites. Even television and radio have lost out to the web in terms of reporting breaking news. … [Read more...]