Your Website: a Support System for Offline Giving

from Future Fundraising Now:

The main purpose of your website may not be what you think

This has been bothering me lately. I heard it from Roger Craver (of The Agitator) at Fund Raising Day in New York: 58% of donors say they research an organization on the web before they give a gift. Stranger yet, few stay to give online. They go back to the world of paper and stamps and give that way.

This is according to DonorTrends survey research. It’s survey research, so it tells us what donors say, not necessarily what they do. But if it’s even close to common donor behavior, most of us need to seriously re-think the design and content of our websites.

Because one of the most important things a nonprofit website does is support giving in offline channels.

If that’s true, and it probably is, here’s what you should be doing