Who Will Blink First? Hadassah or the Government

Hadassah Hospital’s management is asking the Israeli government for a NIS 300 million grant, but the government is prepared to offer a NIS 250 million bridge loan provided that Hadassah Organization matches the funding.

Hadassah Women’s Organization is only prepared to offer a one-time donation of $25 million, and this is on the condition that the government provide Hadassah Hospital a grant, not a loan.

According to Globes, “In recent years, Hadassah Women’s Organization has financed only 10% of Hadassah Hospital’s current costs. It currently provides the hospital with less than NIS 70 million ($19 million) a year (there were years in which the organization covered 40% of the hospitals’ current costs). Hadassah Women’s Organization is no longer prepared to pledge the current level of donations for the three years of the recovery plan. As the owner, it also refuses to match the financing for the recovery plan, which involves layoffs and extensive restructuring.” Read more here.