Watch, Listen & Learn Right Now – Pick Up With Your Base Post-Election

a guest post by Nancy E. Schwartz:

I hope you’re holding off on campaigns this week. Eyes, hearts, minds and mouths are focused on the election, and whatever your organization has to say is going to get lost. Promise.

Even more importantly, election results will shift the context of daily life for your base. And it’s vital that you always communicate within that reality. That understanding is what enables you to connect with your supporters, rather than talking at them.

So hold back, listen hard and see what bubbles up in response to election results. That way you’ll be ready to shape campaigns that connect your work to the key issues and headlines that emerge, both next week and going forward. Folks will quickly re-focus on what’s next, and you want to be there ready to engage them.

Nancy E. Schwartz is the author of the Getting Attention blog: a source of ideas, tactics, and tips for nonprofit communicators focused on helping their organizations succeed through effective marketing.