Unveiling a New eBook for Synagogue Fundraising

white-book-2by Robert I. Evans and Avrum D. Lapin

As our team members and we think back over careers and look ahead to future accomplishments, we often take inspiration from many of the simple but successful approaches that we took that set us on a path to professional success. We are proud today to share and provide a resource to the Jewish philanthropic arena, especially to our colleagues in the synagogue world, our new eBook:

Effective Strategies for Synagogue Fundraising in the 21st Century.”

That is the path that we take with this virtual volume. It was first unveiled at the recent URJ Biennial in December and received rave reviews. You can download this first of its kind publication through our website.

Throughout this eBook we pose a number of questions primarily to congregational leaders and clergy, though we firmly believe that they are relevant to the leaders of any organization who are contemplating a major fundraising and organizational development initiative. Among those questions are:

  • Do we have a relevant mission that is meeting the needs and expectations of our community?
  • How well do we understand and have insight into our constituents?
  • What are our needs and how well are they understood?
  • Is the perception of us and our synagogue/organization through the eyes of the community the same as from our “leadership bubble?”
  • So there are wealthy people in our community: how do we most effectively connect capability and commitment?
  • What issues are facing us? Why are they important?

The book resulted from requests over more than two decades to create a practical reference designed specifically for synagogues and organizations that are the foundation of Jewish community life. Among the topics we address: successful annual and High Holiday campaigns; launching and integrating Capital, Endowment and other campaigns; innovative approaches using social media and other communications channels; and addressing legacy giving as a powerful tool to strengthen your congregation’s or organization’s sustainability and financial health.

The eBook may naturally raise questions, so we also make ourselves and our team available by telephone or email for conversation and responses to your issues. Good wishes for success in the months ahead and be sure to keep us posted on the changes you implement as a result of our perspectives and suggestions!

Robert I. Evans, Managing Director, and Avrum D. Lapin, Director, are principals of The EHL Consulting Group, a fundraising consulting firm located in suburban Philadelphia. They are frequent contributors to eJewishPhilanthropy.com. The EHL Consulting Group is one of only 38 member firms of The Giving Institute. EHL Consulting works with dozens of nonprofits on fundraising, strategic planning, and nonprofit business practices and strategies. Learn more at ehlconsulting.com

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