The Week That Was: October 9-15

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Steve Jobs, Apple, and Jewish Education: Can we Imagine the I-Thou Phone?

by Rabbi Daniel Lehmann

The untimely death of Steve Jobs, the entrepreneurial innovator and leader of Apple, has prompted me to think about the implications of his incredible success for Jewish education. Steve Jobs captured the imagination and ethos of an entire generation in ways that should be instructive for the sacred activity of Jewish learning.

New Million Dollar List Helps Target Strategic Giving

A new, one-of-a-kind searchable database will help high net worth individuals and their financial advisors decide where, when and why to give philanthropic gifts of $1 million or more.

Ross Estate Gives $17m. to NJ Day School

Following last week’s announcement that the estate of Eric F. Ross of Palm Beach, FL, and West Orange, NJ, gifted $17.2 million to The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, comes news of a similar size gift to the Golda Och Academy in West Orange, New Jersey.

The Jewish Future is Now
by Dr. Jonathan Woocher

Jews have a thing about the future. We gave the world the Messianic concept, the vision of a future in which the world is perfected and peace and justice reign. But, we’re also perennially anxious about the future. An updated version of the old telegram joke might go: “What’s a Jewish tweet? ‘Start worrying; Facebook update follows.’”

For Whom the Full (Day School) Tuition Bell Tolls
by Dan Perla

Here’s a fact many day school parents may find surprising. If you’re paying full tuition at a typical day school in the US, you’re still receiving a scholarship. According to data compiled by YU’s Institute for University-School Partnership, it appears that a majority of day schools in five major U.S. communities charge less in gross tuition than it actually costs them to educate a child. This amounts to a scholarship, or subsidy, for the roughly 50% of the families in this sample who are listed as “full paying” families.

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